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Battery maintenance and repair: A battery during use, should avoid the following situations occur:
2015-01-17 by xiugai
a) insufficient charging: charging less long-term, it will seriously affect the battery life;
b) Overcharge: Overcharge will cause a lot of water in the electrolysis of the electrolytic solution, higher temperature, from the positive electrode, the liftstar semi electric stacker negative electrode of the battery increased precipitated gas cathode, anode active material loose structure, reducing battery life;
c) over-discharge: after over-discharge in the positive and negative lead sulfate layer structure generated more dense, while charging the active substance is difficult to recover; severe over-discharge of the battery can also cause an individual turn pole.
2 battery use, there will be hydrogen evolution, especially during charging and precipitation greater period of time after charging the end, therefore, it is timely to charge the battery room ventilation, and strictly control the hydrogen content in order to ensure safety.
3 battery use, if the electrolyte temperature is too high, it will exacerbate the precipitation of hydrogen, lower bonding strength of the active material and the grid, increase the electrolyte to the plate corrosion, seriously affecting battery life and cause the rubber seals over early aging.
4 cell surface should be clean, dry, to promptly clean up the outer surface of the battery falls, tie bars and bolts of dust and measurement process on the drop of electrolyte in the battery cover to ensure good battery insulation properties.
5 battery use, the battery once every two months liftstar forklift jacks to respond to a balanced charge.
6 measuring not less than once a week to check the battery's voltage, electrolyte density and temperature. To fully understand the status of the battery pack, always check once a month, the total measurement. Inspector General of content: the connections are tight, electrolyte level, density is normal, the voltage is balanced, etc., especially smart charging batteries, often neglect to check the battery, resulting in problems of individual cells was not found , thus affecting the performance of the whole battery.
7 In the process of inspection and measuring the battery, prohibited crushes, collision battery cover, battery cover, etc. liquid injection parts to prevent damage.
Maintenance and repair of mechanical parts
Is recommended for six months (or 600 hours) Replace the hydraulic oil, use less time should be replaced every year. Replace the hydraulic oil can be easily realized by the following method:
Ensure that live rack in the lowest position and remove the lower cylinder hose fittings and placed in a container, the operating handle to make lifting and emptying the oil pump is running inside the tank. Use YA-N32 hydraulic oil or similar species. If it is liftstar scissor lift table within the low temperature cold, it is recommended the use of YH-10 hydraulic oil, for two to three times after lifting the system will not have air, the device can work if the lifting height should be less than the supplement of hydraulic oil.

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