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​Electric Stacker repair and maintenance mainly the following considerations
2015-01-07 by xiugai
Electric Stacker repair and maintenance mainly the following considerations: the battery charging and maintenance, repair and maintenance of the battery, the mechanical part of the repair and maintenance
Battery charging and maintenance:
The main parameters of the vehicle charger provides as follows:
Input: AC 220V / 50HZ
Output: Voltage: DC24V
Current: DC0 ~ 30A
Before charging off batteries and control part of the circuit (press the red emergency stop button), and then the charger output plug-in access to the car charging jack, plug the charger plug in the AC 220V, 50HZ power outlet, at the end of the charge , first unplug the AC power cord. Plug the plug of the order must be strictly adhered to. See detailed instructions manual charger.
At least once a week to check the electrolyte fluid level.
Electrolyte supplements should be carried out after the end of charge, since the electrolyte during charging swell. As the liquid level is too low, the manual drum stacker need for more than one hour after the end of charge in order to add distilled water (or deionized water).
Battery surface should be kept clean and dry, because dirt and moisture may cause leakage and lead to decreased battery capacity. Available electrolyte leakage soda solution or dilute ammonia and then rinse with water, please.
Line column joints to fully tighten the oil and coated with acid to avoid sulfide layer. Sulfide layer reduce the contact surface resulting in a considerable voltage drop objective.
Detect the battery state of charge every day acid hydrometer (electro-hydraulic hydrometer). It should not discharge the battery to the gravity hand truck dolly of less than 1.16. (Ninety percent discharge)
The proportion at 30 ℃ charging status
1.260 ~ 1.280 100%
1.230 ~ 1.250 75%
1.200 ~ 1.220 50%
1.170 ~ 1.190 25%
1.140 ~ 1160 has discharged 90%

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