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Hand pallet truck
2014-12-09 by xiugai
Hand pallet truck configurations in accordance with their appearance can be divided into hand pallet trucks, high lift scissor truck scales and electronic transport vehicles. Hand Pallet Truck has a large carrying capacity, is one of the heavy lifting for a short distance tool is the ability to drive the hydraulic system to achieve cargo lifting and lowering, pulling completed by human handling operations.
The difference between the all-electric cars liftstar Electric fork over stacker and hand pallet trucks are:
The first is the difference between the power systems: hand pallet trucks are transporting goods by human lifting, all electric cars as the name suggests power system is overweight by motor power handling;
Followed by driving the different technical requirements: hand pallet trucks can operate basically the general staff. All-electric cars was equipped with professional drivers;
Once again, different performance and price: high performance all-electric cars on efficiency, operational flexibility, handling speed. All-electric cars is much higher than the price of hand pallet trucks.

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