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the definition of hand truck dolly
2016-01-13 by liftstar
hand truck dolly is a human pushing, pulling handling vehicle, it is the ancestor of all vehicles. While the technology continues to develop material handling carts, but still as an indispensable trolley handling tools and are still in use. Barrow is widely available in production and life because it is low cost, easy maintenance, easy operation, light weight, can work in places inconvenient to use a motor vehicle in a short distance is very convenient when transporting lighter items.
Trolleys have unicycle, two, three and four points. Wheelbarrow springboard in the narrow, temporary bridge and trail running, can pivot turn, dumping of goods is very convenient. Commonly used two-wheelers have to carry items hand push van (aka tiger car), shelf car and lorry transport bulk materials and the like. There is a three-wheeled cart, four-wheel buggy, there are two rotatable about the vertical axis of rotation of the swivel caster (see Figure swivel casters). hydraulic hand truck swivel casters in operation can change with the direction of movement of the vehicle and automatically adjusts to run in the direction of least resistance.

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