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Hand pallet trucks hand truck dolly
2014-09-08 by xiugai
Hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks are flat point-handling tools. Compact size and flexible so that hand pallet trucks suitable for almost any occasion. However, due to the manual operation, when carrying heavy items around two tons more difficult, it is usually for a short distance of about 15 meters frequent operations, especially in loading and unloading area. In the future all aspects of logistics, the manual pallet trucks also will assume the role of convergence between the various transport links, a set on each truck is equipped with a card or hand pallet trucks, will make quicker and more convenient loading and unloading operations, liftstar manual stackers and does not subject to site constraints. When the plane carrying about 30 meters away when the EU's special forces electric forklift electric pallet truck is undoubtedly the best choice, traveling through the infinitely variable speed control switch on the handle, follow the walking pace of the operator, reducing personnel fatigue while ensuring the safety of the operation. Such as major transport routes at the distance of about 30 meters to 70 meters or more, you can use electric pallet truck with folding pedal, the driver standing driving, maximum speed can be increased by nearly 60%.

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