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Truck, Stacker performance criteria hand truck dolly
2015-02-09 by xiugai
When integrated assessment, many companies due to truck expertise and technology do not understand, and often the quality of products can not make a reasonable judgment. In general, the quality of the van and its superior performance is often reflected liftstar Electric lift in the high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, good ergonomic design, and convenient services, and many other aspects.
1, high efficiency
High efficiency does not only mean speed (driving, lifting, lowering speed), it also means that the operator time required to complete a work cycle is short, and can work in the whole time and always maintain this efficiency. Many factors can promote efficiency: low speed, such as speed, lifting and lowering speed; ergonomic design of the application, reducing the number of actions of the operation; precision operation; ergonomic design applications, maximum reduce fatigue; good vision.
2, low-cost
The total cost of the purchase and use of the van business, the annual cost of the required include: procurement costs; maintenance costs; energy costs; labor costs.
Procurement costs will be amortized to the life of the truck. So expensive truck will last longer leaving its purchases to reduce costs. The actual cost of maintenance and repair costs not only parts, but also to the failure rate or downtime related. Therefore, a high-quality truck, due to its low failure rate, its maintenance costs are lower. Energy costs will vary with different truck and a different power system, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline. Labor costs is with the driver's number and their total monthly wages in different variations, the number of drivers will be due to the use of high efficiency and reduce truck.
3, high security
Truck safety design, the driver should be able to fully guarantee the goods and the truck itself secure. High quality truck safety design considerations tend to every detail, every possibility.
4, ergonomics
Ergonomics is a widely used in product design is to improve the operating environment, especially science, purpose is to reduce driver fatigue and liftstar scissor lift table increase operator comfort and other means, to maximize production efficiency.
In truck design, ergonomics reflected in all aspects: reducing driver fatigue operation: The unique design can reduce the driver's operation of the action, making the operation more effort; Comfort: ergonomic design allows the driver maintain a good mood, reduce operational errors; good vision: to provide good visibility for truck operation process, not only can improve efficiency, while ensuring driver safety.

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