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Choose the forklift to consider the overall solution
2017-05-27 by bridge
Different storage models need to configure different power pallet truck, the implementation of the matching mode in the first-in first-out or advanced, space utilization, operating efficiency and investment costs will have a big difference. For example, the traditional heavy-duty shelves with counterbalanced forklift can achieve arbitrary shelves to take goods, high operating efficiency, moderate investment costs, wide application, but the space utilization is not enough; entry-type shelves are often with the forward forklift Or small tonnage balance heavy forklift use, stacking high density, good space utilization, but can not achieve any shelf fork to take the goods;

And with the use of elevated shelves of the narrow channel forklift, the cargo stacking height can be more than ten meters, and can achieve any shelf fork and pick the goods, space utilization is good, but the investment cost is very high, and need to cooperate with efficient Scientific management system.

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