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Stacker chain - type telescopic fork structure
2017-03-30 by bridge
This Rider Pallet Truck fork structure is more suitable for some special areas for use, chain retractable fork structure mainly by the upper and middle retractable fork and related fixed fork, as well as steering wheel, etc. constitute the entire fork structure The Usually the fixed fork needs to be installed on the loading platform of the relevant equipment, whether it is the upper / middle retractable fork, or the fixed fork, which are controlled by the standard sprocket and the chain.

Now the stacker has become a lot of warehouses, logistics industry, one of the key core equipment, no matter what type of material tanker stacking machine fork structure, should ensure that the latter part of the operation to maintain a stable state. As more and more people began to use such machinery and equipment, so that the material box library stacking fork fork structure related points have become the knowledge we must have.
Hope that through our brief introduction, you can let friends more thoroughly understand the material on the warehouse stacker fork fork structure of the relevant information, so that in the latter part of the selection, use and operation and maintenance time, more able to take the correct approach. If you want to know more about the forklift forklift structure, you can always keep an eye on the updates of our website.

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