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Forklift axle to scale and specialization
2017-03-17 by bridge
self propelled pallet truck are mainly used for loading and unloading or short-distance transport of freight yard, workplace is small, frequent, often need to turn in situ. As an important part of forklift steering system and drive system, the performance of forklift steering axle and drive axle is directly related to forklift driving safety, operating efficiency and driver's labor intensity. Its reliability directly affects the overall reliability of forklift conditions, and with the forklift product structure adjustment and technical upgrading simultaneously upgrade, showing large-scale, professional production characteristics.

In terms of technology, forklift drive axle industry to keep up with the development of forklift industry. The forklift axle is at the end of the drive and its task is to change the size and direction of the torque from the engine and pass it to the left and right drive wheels. Under normal circumstances, the forklift main plant in the product upgrade, it will be the corresponding requirements of the axle. The task of the axle factory is based on these needs, design, produce the corresponding product. At present, the forklift market demand for drive axles mainly concentrated in 1 ~ 4.5t and 5 ~ 10t two types of products. Among them, 1 ~ 4.5t drive axle assembly mainly by the axle housing, wheels, brake drum, axle, brake and other components, drive axle housing using the overall casting form; 5 ~ 10t drive axle assembly mainly by the main reducer, poor Speed reducer, wheel reducer, axle and axle housing, wheel hub, brake drum and other components, the parts must have the correct connection and with the gap. At the same time, with the forklift product structure adjustment, drive axle products continue to versatility, low noise, wet maintenance-free brake technology direction. In addition, to adapt to the stone market and other specific industrial and mining, 8 ~ 10t structure drive axle and container drive axle is the current development trend of the field.
In recent years, the forklift industry has been in a state of rapid growth, some of the original small-scale axle manufacturers have begun to increase investment, and continuously improve product quality and production, and the use of low-cost and flexible marketing strategy, to a certain extent Directly squeeze a considerable market share.

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