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Electric forklift determines production efficiency
2017-02-24 by bridge
When we choose the same thing, not to say that for others will be suitable for their own. Especially when the purchase of Walkie stacker lift truck, we have to take into account the comprehensive consideration of electric forklift a variety of performance, combined with their own needs, buy a real fit for their own needs electric forklift. Electric forklift you really choose right?

This question determines the rated load when you buy an electric forklift.
From a professional point of view, if your general weight of the goods is at 1.5 tons, we do not recommend you to purchase a rated load of 1.5 tons of electric forklift. Because as an electrical appliance, although our motor has overload protection, but the motor for a long time in the rated power work, which its motor life is certainly a certain impact. Electric forklift in the cargo does not exceed 80% to 90% which is the ideal state.

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