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AGV system management and control
2015-10-14 by liftstar
1960s began to apply computer technology to AGV system management and control, AGV system from automated lift mover into flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and production systems, so that the AGV has been rapid development. Although AGV first appeared in the United States, but it is to be developed rapidly in Europe and promotion of applications, and fabrication and assembly process to become a popular material handling equipment. Unified European company structure and size of the tray so that the manufacturer does not require frequent AGV electric pallet trucks to the user's requirements change their product form. Since the AGV efficient and flexible, making the AGV system in advanced industrial countries gained widespread application. Sweden in 1969 for the first time in the logistics system uses AGV, 1973 KALMAR, Sweden VOLVO car factory in the assembly line for the extensive use of computer-controlled AGV assembly operations, the introduction of the mid-1970s unitized load handling for AGV, AGV expands The use of random device adds many features, such as additional tables, transfer device, logistics, and control information receiving and conversion components. 1983 all over Europe there are 360 ??of 3,900 AGV AGV system at work, and 1985. AGV total number of units produced more than 10,000 units; 1985 2100 AGV system, the United States has a total of 8199 units AGV, a total of more than 30 manufacturers AGV ; first introduced in Japan in 1963, one AGV, 1976 ten years after the annual increase in the number of AGV systems, there Shinko Electric, Hirata motors, Sumitomo Heavy machine 27 major manufacturers, 1981 sales reached 6,000,000,000 yen in 1984 to 150 billion yen in 1985 rose to 20 billion yen.
First automatic guided vehicle, 1913 by Ford Motor Company for chassis assembly, and reflects the use of the time called AGV superiority. But then there is a rail guided. By the 20th century, the mid-1950s, in 1955 the British first removed the guide rails used on the ground floor embedding, formed to guide the electromagnetic induction simple AGVS, 1959 年 AGV used in warehouses and factories operating on automation.

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