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Diesel forklift characteristics and work environment:
2015-07-14 by liftstar
Counterbalanced diesel forklift jacks, the volume is relatively large, and stable performance for heavy use of time is not limited, the use of the site is generally outdoors, and the gasoline engine compared to the dynamic performance of the diesel engine is better, the speed is easy to stall when the low fuel cost is very low, but the big shock, noise is very large, large displacement, self-important, the price is high. Counterbalanced forklift gasoline, the volume is relatively large, but stability is better for heavy, time-use is not restricted, usually in outdoor use. Shape small gasoline engine, very light weight, large power output, noise and vibration emitted is very small, and the low price, but the gasoline engine overload, the ability to work long hours in poor fuel costs are very high.

LPG counterbalance forklift is to install liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied switch on gasoline counterbalanced forklift.

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