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Hand pallet truck using the principles:
2015-07-07 by liftstar
The car with a manual or electric powered Hand pallet jacks lifting heavy objects, human (pull) walk carrying heavy loads, when lifting, manual operating handle into carrying position (minimum), raised his hand pump will work tank through the neutral pressure valve suction pump hand pump, neutral valve is closed, the unloading valve is opened, the oil into the cylinder, lift a heavy object. Neutral position the handle in the middle, neutral valve open and work with the top peak of the staff, and therefore whether or lifting the pump pressure, no pressure in the cylinder, instead of working, the electric motor pump according to instructions. When unloaded, the operating handle is set unloading position (top), unloading valves and valve neutral, while the top peak of the staff with open unloading valve, pressure has been valves, pumps, valves and back into the tank.
(1), the structure of the ministries before the examination is normal.
(2) to select the appropriate center of gravity of the cargo, to avoid bias in the van.
(3), when unloaded, should slowly raised to the upper position to manipulate the handle, do not tug the handle to prevent the steep decline in the red, the body deformation or damage of goods.
(4) At the end of the job, you should remove the heavy, long-term pressure on the fork does not allow goods.
(5), trolley chain elongation operating structure of long-term use, it should adjust the oil valve plate following two Romanian mother, coordinating so far.
(6), regular maintenance checks.
(7) use of various types of transport vehicles and load table.

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