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Manual hydraulic stacker Advantages: electric store positioner
2015-02-09 by xiugai
1, manual hydraulic stacker is an indispensable material handling aids, pallet lightest, most notably anyone operational.
2, tiller shape suitable folder with plastic liftstar counter balance stackers handle, particularly comfortable to use. The operator's hand protected by a rugged protection. Can be easily manipulated by hand lifting, down and walking lever, pallet trucks to use, lightweight, safe and comfortable.
3, torsional steel forks made from high-tensile steel channel. Tines made of round, when inserted into the tray, the tray from being damaged, so that the guide wheel fork smoothly inserted into the tray. Son
4, sturdy lifting system that can meet most lifting requirements, according to the standard requirements of galvanizing. Pump cylinder mounted on heavy-duty protective seat, chrome plated cylinder. Low control valves and pressure relief valve to ensure safe operation and long life.
5, wheels flexible operation, and equipped with sealed bearings, front and rear wheels made by durable nylon, rolling resistance is very small, and there are rubber, polyurethane or special tires for the election.
6, the hydraulic system and bearings liftstar shop crane completely no maintenance, but in extreme cases, such as in a wet environment or flushing with high-pressure hoses, all bearings are equipped with filling hole for refueling.

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