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Water rotating spray booth
2015-01-07 by xiugai

Water spray booth known as hydraulic rotary spinning spray booth. The laminar flow chamber using a gas mist oppressive way to prevent spread of mist filter with hydraulic spinning tube, is technically more complete spray booth.

Water spray chamber by chamber body rotation, electric doors, mist filter, air supply and exhaust device component unit; lighting equipment installed on both sides of the body chamber, more than 500 Lux illuminance can be grouped control; interior design combustible gas concentration detection and alarm devices; mist filtration device consists of washing the plate, hydraulic spinning device, consisting of ground water tank and exhaust system, mist removal rate> 98%; air conditioning unit is the gas to form the main components of laminar flow, into the air supply chamber through the filter, after heating, is uniformly sent from the air supply to the room ceiling, the indoor wind speed even when no workpiece vertical wind up 0 .35 ~ 0.4 m ยท s - 1; exhaust means is the room with the fan body mist containing spinning pipe gas through hydraulic filters, manual drum stacker exhaust from between the sink and wash board.
2.3 hot air drying room
Circulating hot air convection drying method is the way, its biggest advantage is uniform baking, especially for larger heat capacity of construction machinery parts. Heating steam heat, electricity, light diesel oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas. Under the conditions permit, the preferred liquefied petroleum gas. This is a clean and efficient energy, the biggest advantage is the cost of a production run of only 35% to 40% of electricity costs.
2.4 delivery system
For engineering machinery components (structure), the adoption of self-electric hoist is an effective choice.
Hoist by their own delivery system gantry column, the carrier rails, sliding conductor rail and collector, central loading vehicles, electric hoist, PC control of the control cabinet.
The system combines mechanical, electronic, computer, automatic control of the four technical essence, focused on the storage, transportation, handling, electric store positioner technical operation of the four logistics chain. Not only to transport the workpiece continuous or step, especially where there is a convenient place as manual preset program, the next piece at the interior painting can be automatically or manually free lift.

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