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High-performance electric store positioner vehicle pile Overview
2014-11-26 by xiugai
Electric Stacker widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, ports, railway stations, airports, freight yard, and access to the cabin, loading and unloading, cargo handling operations inside pallets and containers. Is a pallet transport, container transport essential equipment. Remote handling, two-sided tray, single tray can be used. Electric Stacker small, flexible operation, easy to drive, the economic liftstar Straddle stackers environment is the product of choice for enterprise units. Load Range 1t-3 t, lifting height 1-3.5m. Stacker imported from Europe pumping stations and wheels, cargo crossed l smooth and powerful, the handle assembly, responsive, easily controlled. With large capacity traction battery (combination), to ensure that one charge, continuous work 5-8 hours. Low Voltage Protection feature protects the battery at low voltage state, long life, with a large-capacity, high-performance battery, with battery lasting and powerful traction batteries can be separated from the body, to facilitate routine battery maintenance.

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