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Electric Pallet Truck Product Features
2014-12-09 by xiugai
1, using an electric hydraulic pump lift, using electronic control (chopper) or electrically controlled resistive made traveling speed of adjustment.
2, there is a pedal and a variety of specifications without a pedal.
3, driving motor installation methods are two kinds of vertical and horizontal motor.
4, with respect to imports of electric store positioner cars, liftstar electric riding pallet jack domestic electric cars generally do not have power steering system. Most imported electric cars have been installed power steering system.
5, electric cars suitable for heavy and long cargo transport can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo handling.
6, the machine is ultra-thin body design, CVT, especially small turning radius, body strong, light and flexible action, no noise, no pollution, long working hours on a single charge, reliable, widely used in logistics, warehouse, factory , hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, railway stations airports and so on.

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