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Tracker recoveries,electric store positioner
2015-04-20 by xiugai
April 1, Ms. Liu Heze drove to the Yellow River Road Auto 4S shop maintenance vehicles, while staff repair, Ms. Liu has been looking at next year, I found the car in front license plate to the upturned bottom staff let 4S repair to me to see how it was liftstar Electric store Positioner .
By staff inspection found under Ms. Liu license plate glued a small rectangular black plastic box. Subsequently, the maintenance personnel in the online inquiry found that the object is a rectangle locator, then the police.

Police Questioning revealed that,liftstar manual stackers in September 2013, and Ai Qianmou partnership business. During 2014, borrowing from the hands of Ai repeatedly Qianmou. January 12, 2015, beginning Qianmou not contact Ai, so want to install Tracker found in Ai Ai repay the car.

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