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Truck handling small tanks electric store positioner
2014-11-13 by xiugai
Truck, also known as handling small tanks, heavy movement, ground cattle. Mainly used for handling all types of mechanical machines or other heavy objects that can fit the jack electric store positioner, hand destroyed the roof and other lifting tools used together, reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. Hebei earthworm warehouse handling equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in custom 1.68 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons of lengthening or widening of hand pallet trucks.
A door frame chosen heavy steel column, roll forming. Make the frame stronger, more secure, mobile and sensitive, convenient operation.
2, hand pallet trucks cylinder selection of high-precision grinding tubes, imported oil seals, integrated valve, convenient disassemble and repair. Foot method, promotion speed circulation, greatly improving safety.
3, hand pallet trucks chosen leading spray technology, the appearance of progress merchandise and hand pallet trucks added durability.
4, hand pallet trucks is a non-polluting hand pallet trucks, transporting sensitive, sensitive operation, small turning radius.
5, hand pallet trucks are suitable production plant, production workshops, warehousing, railway stations, docks, airports, etc., especially suitable for the needs of the fire and explosion places to use, such as the print shop, a variety of oil storage, chemical warehouses and other places.
6, hand pallet trucks depicted in transit, not only can reduce bump, scratches, etc., but also reduce the workload and stacking direction, greatly improving the work efficiency.

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