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Car Locator alleged privacy,electric store positioner
2016-03-21 by liftstar
Heze,Electric store Positioner a man with a friend when doing business generated economic disputes and debt, in order to prevent a friend avoiding the debt, positioning tracking device on his car driving coat. The car is not all its friends, electric order picker the owner found the police. Currently, the man on suspicion of violating someone's privacy was sentenced to administrative detention for five days, a fine of 500 yuan penalty zone police.

According to the Public Security Bureau of Heze City Development Zone Branch Yue Cheng Hou Kunming police station introduced by the analysis of the transfer of telecommunications equipment location tracking information, combined with clues and visits the investigation provided the informant, the suspect locked illegal Qianmou,liftstar forklift jacks on April 11 the Qianmou summoned to the police station.

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