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The selection of target market of large department stores and the overall market positioning
2015-04-03 by xiugai

Strategy target market selection ( Electric store Positioner )and market positioning of the right is the cornerstone of the success of the enterprise marketing activities. The location should be carried out first before the department store, target market selection and familiar with their choice of target market, and then determine the effective marketing strategy, establish a unique image of its own.

Relevant data shows that, at present China's consumers, with strong economic strength of about 10%, and has an increasing trend in the proportion of high-end products, so there is a large market demand and the potential market development. This is the 10% consumer department store first target market. At the same time, the majority of the mid-range consumer is also the service goal. In the high-end, mid-range while the target market for the department store, in this way, can highlight specific. And in the face of the vast number of consumers, both noble and outliers.

After determining the service target market, then the job is the market positioning. Market positioning is planned to set up enterprises with the ideal image of some out of the ordinary, in order to make the target customers understand the characteristics of the enterprise and the competitor is essentially different,manual stackers , in order to make the company's products have some characteristics, and occupies a unique position in the target, the value of customers.

The department store, market positioning is essentially creating a store image in the minds of consumers, showing a distinct personality and characteristics of out of the ordinary, also namely the difference. The store features more prominent, more distinct personality, liftstar work positioners , more successful, and can retain customers.

The different retail formats to meet different customer needs, meet customer department store to pursue high quality, high-quality service demand; while the large department stores, shops, to meet customer demand for the brand.

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