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in accordance with the operating conditions of slewing
2016-01-06 by liftstar
in accordance with the operating conditions of slewing. Select slick interval. General ball bearing. Each operation loo hour lubrication 1
Times; supporting the column, every 500 hours of operation lubrication 1; at high temperatures and dusty environment of continuous work truck cranes, harsh environmental conditions appropriate for the level should be reduced lubrication interval.
(2) grease to seal or reduce friction and reduce wear and anti-corrosion effect. To add a little supplemental lubricant oils, such as labyrinth seals, grease shouldmanual stackers be made over rob from the labyrinth structure overflows.
(3) must be evenly distributed fat, grease relubrication poise, to actuate the crane slewing mechanism so slow rotation.
(4) cleaning crane, to Straddle stackers prevent steam or other fluids into the channel.
(5) truck crane for a long time after the closure, the need for slewing slick.
(6) tru9ck crane work after a period of time, you need to turn the text Order bolts (screws) Retighten to the specified
Torque values. Interval a gel as three months. If the load is relatively heavy, inspection intervals should be shortened.

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