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EPS electric power steering system to manipulate light
2015-01-27 by xiugai
l EPS electric power steering system to manipulate light, low energy consumption, quiet and efficient, with automatic shutdown memory, boot liftstar pallet truck automatically reset function, completely out of the handle and drive systems, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of uneven ground handle thugs drive thrashing caused;
l drive unit with intermediate floating bodies to ensure that the focus has always been the most stable part of the triangle institutions significantly improve the stability of the vehicle, and effective shock absorption, protecting the vehicle structure;
l booster cylinder vehicle running and lifting heavy load cargo, in order to increase the adhesion of the drive unit to prevent wheel slip;
l drive system having regenerative braking, deceleration and recovering energy generated during braking, the extension of the vehicle operating time;
l standard lifting power limit function, reducing energy waste and extend the life of the hydraulic system and related components;
l high wear-resistant polyurethane tires, liftstar work positioners good elasticity, strong bearing capacity;
l steering position using non-contact proximity switch, reliable quality, long life;
l using folding, non-slip pedals, with a spring damping system to ensure the operation of the operator comfort.

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