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The first lifting device appears
2014-11-14 by xiugai
The first lifting device appears in ancient China and European countries, is a similar "gin" tool for vertical transport of people and goods. In modern times we used to lift cargo is a wooden ladder, very easy to use, more dangerous to climb. March 23, 1857, in New York, a five-storey shop installed passenger lifts Otis safety device header. The initial lift is driven by a steam engine, so placement of the building must be equipped with the boiler room. 1880, German Siemens invention is the use of electric lifts, and since then, the use of the lift has been widely accepted and high-speed development. Domestic production of electric lifts, Model vary, liftstar scissor lift table lifting height of 4 m, 6 m, 18 m range. Choice of foreign hydraulic pump system, hydraulic system and hydraulic-proof self-locking device. Novel design, reasonable structure, lift balance, simple operation, easy maintenance, and other products irreplaceable advantages. Widely used in plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance, property management, warehousing, aviation, airports, ports, railway stations, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, electricity and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance.

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