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Pallet truck is a truck
2014-12-24 by xiugai
Pallet truck is a truck, that plays the role of handling cargo logistics handling equipment. When using its bearer pallet fork insertion holes, driven by a hydraulic system to achieve human cargo tray lifting and lowering, pulling completed by human handling operations. It is the most convenient means of transport tray, the most effective, the most common loading and unloading, handling tools.
Truck properly maintained will extend the life of the van, when major maintenance check the oil, remove air and lubrication.
Once every six months to check the oil level best. The new injection of oil into the rubber container surface height is lower than 5mm, add oil liftstar Electric store Positioner when the goods must be in the lowest position. To replace the seals, air may enter the hydraulic system, the lever is placed in the lowest position, and then swing the handle ten times. Using the motor oil or lubricating moving parts. Also note that the daily inspection and maintenance checks on truck can minimize the wear and require special attention wheels, axles, forks, lifting and lowering controls. Whenever work is done, the fork should be unloaded and lowered to the lowest position.

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