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Forklift Battery safe use and maintenance of the six points custody
2015-01-17 by xiugai
1. Storage place: You can not make a short circuit; cause a short circuit may occur due to rain fire and may produce a small amount of hydrogen, the battery platform stacker must be stored in a ventilated, cool place.
2, scrap batteries: waste battery power is still there, should be kept in accordance with the methods used to store batteries.
Fourth, the operation of the electrolyte
1. Check the specific gravity: Use a hydrometer to check the proportion of inhalation, do not let the electrolyte spill out of the job, and to wear protective gear.
2, in addition to checking the operation of: professional advice should be, especially the electrolyte (sulfuric acid) when supplemented.
3, electrolyte leakage: As the battery tipping, breakage resulting in electrolyte leakage, should be urgently addressed immediately (see emergency Manual drum Stacker matters)
Five, end of life battery operation
1, the end-of-life battery operation: When the battery near the end of life, single-cell battery electrolyte within the subtractive very fast, distilled water should be added every day.
2, treatment of waste batteries: For used batteries, out of the electrolyte, the battery exploded. Can discuss whether the recovery from the battery manufacturer.
Six emergency treatment
An electrolyte splashed on skin: Flush with plenty of water
2, electrolyte splashed in the eyes: rinse with plenty of water, and then receive professional medical treatment
3, the electrolyte spilled into clothes: immediately took off his clothes, rinse with water and then rinse with a weak alkaline soap.
4, electrolyte leakage: the electrolyte liftstar hand jack leakage to the outside immediately with lime, strong carbonated soda or carbonated soda to neutralize etc., and rinse with plenty of water.

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