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Counter Balance Stackers
2016-04-05 by liftstar
liftstar WS91, WS97 and CBES1100 series electric counter-balance stackers are equipped with Liftstar designed EPS system and high performance AC drive system. With the continuous improvements, Liftstar counter balance stackers guarantee optimal stabilty and proven reliability.
1. Standing the test of market for 5 years, Liftstar designed EPS (Electic Power Steering) system features effortless steering and greatly improves operator comfort and productivity.
2. Liftstar Quite Night design reduces lifting noise to less than 69 dB, which is among the lowest in the industry.
3. Cornering Speed features automatic sped reduction technology for sharp corner turns.
4. Featuring duplex mast with full free lift, electric counter-balance stacker WS91-22 is standard equipped Liftstar-made EPS and Curtis double controllers
5. If you are looking for a electric counter-balance stacker to replace forklift truck and also wish it can meet a wide range of applications, WS97 series will be your best choice.
6. CBES500 series are light-duty economical electric counter-balance stackers

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