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commutator electric order picker erosion and wear easily
2014-09-04 by xiugai
Electric forklifts are in operation within a small range frequently returned after advancing to the DC control system reversing contactor and motor carbon brushes , commutator erosion and wear easily , if not timely inspection and replacement electric order picker will produce a system failure , resulting in user complaints. We recommend using the AC hand jack running this control system , to eliminate the current system of frequent failure rates radically. In electric forklift hydraulic system pump motor is rotating directional series motors without reversing contactor. Although frequently lift and tilt , but each time the operating time is very short , no more than 30 seconds. If the " double pump one" configuration, both steering pump motor in lifting or tilting does not work, the pump motor pump controller supply voltage is low , about 13V (48V power supply ) . Then the pump motor speed rotation , about 400-800rpm. As the pump motor is rotated orientation and electric order picker short-time work , and the hydraulic system has been set up maximum pressure value, overload relief valve ( safety valve ) opens automatically , so no large current impact . Therefore, the Post lift tables motor brushes and commutator life much longer , relatively reliable. Brush also extended the periodic inspection and replacement time , reduce operating and maintenance costs. DC series motor drive motor torque characteristic is very suitable for the hydraulic system. Between direct hydraulic control system operating characteristics and price advantage, semi AC electric forklift control system in the current great vitality , the machine features and selling prices of domestic and foreign users easily accepted , the market outlook is certainly very good !

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