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then how do electric order picker system maintenance job?
2014-09-03 by xiugai
Electric Stacker often use should pay attention to maintenance , especially for electric cars piled high maintenance system to do better , then how do electric stacker hydraulic system maintenance job?
1 , select the appropriate hydraulic oil:
Hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of electric forklift trucks passing plays pressure , lubrication , cooling and sealing effect, the inappropriate choice of hydraulic oil hydraulic system failure and durability of the early decline. electric order picker When grade hydraulic oil should randomly select "Manual" specified in special circumstances need to use on behalf of the oil, it should seek the same performance as the original grade platform stacker performance. Different brands of hydraulic oil can not be mixed , to prevent hydraulic oil to produce a chemical reaction , the performance changes. Dark brown , white , smelly oil hydraulic oil is bad , you can not use .
2, to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system :
Containing hydraulic fluid under electric platform stacker electric order picker pressure in the temperature volume ratio of 6 to 8% of the air pressure is reduced when the air is free from the oil , the hydraulic components bubble burst " cavitation " noise. A lot of air into the oil will cause " cavitation " phenomenon intensified, hydraulic oil compressibility increases, job insecurity, reduced efficiency , implementation of components appear to work "crawling " and other adverse consequences. In addition , the air also makes hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerated deterioration of the oil.

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