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to enhance urban electric order picker functions, improve people's livelihood well-being
2014-08-23 by xiugai
the Chinese bearings are Wafangdian Bearing industrial output reached 23 billion yuan (RMB), an increase of 29.2%; industrial added value of 35.3 billion yuan, an increase of 28.8%, the bearing industry has become the first Wafangdian an industry. Wafangdian party secretary Xing-Wei Liu said the city is in accordance to build two industrial electric platform stacker clusters and the idea of the six industrial base, the introduction of nurturing top talent, improve the electric order picker high-end research and development capabilities in an effort to "bearing capital" Wafangdian, playing with a tip the development of a world-renowned city bearing capacity.
Area of less than 3,800 square kilometers of Wafangdian, but it is the birthplace of China's bearing industry, developed more than 500 years of "ZWZ" led by bearing production and ancillary businesses. Among them, the size of the business 258; sales revenue over $ 50 million enterprise 27 million over the business 9. 2009 achieved sales Hand fixed lift table revenue of over 150 bearing billion. Bearing industry practitioners 5 million, accounting for 16.1% of total employees in the same industry, accounting for about 20% of the national total output value of the industry.
Xing-Wei Liu stressed Wafangdian in Liaoning coastal economic zone are to seize the development of open and Dalian global urbanization strategic opportunities, and vigorously promote coastal development, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, to enhance urban functions, improve people's livelihood well-being, for the "second five "to achieve a new leap in scientific development and lay a solid foundation, built in the Bohai Sea region will Wafangdian competitive emerging modern industrial city.
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