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Electric order picker ,LiftStar brand
2015-04-20 by xiugai
The company's research and innovation with a strong team-based, safe, durable, comfortable, low-carbon (green) design concept,electric order picker to provide customers with 500KG-50000KG application solutions, storage equipment and related services.

Through continuous technological innovation and patent accumulation, and now I have been involved in 12 product categories and more than 50 varieties, such as electric forklifts, semi-electric stacker, electric ground beef, electric pallet trucks, all-electric stacker, battery counterbalanced forklifts, electric tractor, electric picking trucks, narrow aisle forklifts,Quick lift Hand Pallet Truck , three-way forklift, side forklift, four-way forklift, omni-directional forklifts and very logistics equipment, AGV, unmanned stacker and so on. Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, machinery,Hand lifter , furniture, logistics and other industries.

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