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The development of the high-car industry is still vital
2017-03-09 by bridge
Electric and Manual Straddle Stacker car has now become the most dazzling star of industrial vehicles, manufacturers are targeting a development of such a large market, with the market for the electric stack of high demand for electric vehicles, electric forklift development has gradually accelerated, the problem Also continued to appear.

At this time, some industry experts for the electric stacker car industry development problems are summarized, the lack of innovation is an important issue within the industry.
Although the current heap truck industry, whether it is quality or safety or cheap to have improved a lot, but still have some room for development. Many companies because it is felt that the current stack of high-car products have to meet the needs, so I think in the heap on the car do not need to be innovative. In particular, some small manufacturers, for the less innovative ability, can only imitate other big brand enterprise products and survival, but to know that there is no innovative products or enterprises are not far away, and now many products are also before innovation are Is considered a very good product, and enterprise product update upgrade is a law.
There are two main reasons for the lack of innovation, one is the innovation investment, the high cost, the other is to find a breakthrough point. In the innovation cost of this point, is indeed the innovation of industrial products is only in the R & D costs have a lot of cost. For this problem, the government departments should give attention to the production of innovative technology companies to support the funds, so that enterprises in the electric stack of high performance innovation can be no worries. Faced with the strength of foreign brands and innovation, domestic enterprises have a long way to go.
Product innovation is not to say that a random point of view to innovate, it must be combined with the market demand and product defects exist to innovate. If there is any defect in the now high heap, I believe many people can not tell. However, there is no difference between electric stackers and other stackers, and these differences also represent the existence of shortcomings and advantages. Then, will be more advantages together is one of the innovative content, we hope to see more domestic enterprises in innovation can show more enthusiasm.

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