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The most vulnerable place for the van
2017-02-15 by bridge
The daily maintenance of the van is very common. A variety of Powered pallet truck and electric van have become the most commonly used handling tools for logistics, and are used everywhere in various factories. Due to the continuous development and progress of society, the demand for the van is also increasing, that requires a new design and use, but also to meet the quality problems, the demand for individuality is also greatly increased, in order to meet this demand, In the past few years, the products of the van have been added to the market, and the products of the products have been added to the market. These products are novel and have the advantages of increasing the quality of the products. , But then the perfect product will be damaged or out of time, so the van after-sales service has also been a headache, today we explain the most easy to damage the truck a few places and how to answer solve these problems. Pump failure: the pump is a very important part of the van, once the pump has a problem, then the basic can not continue to operate the truck, which is the core of the van, the pump consists of many parts, more prone to fault parts : Sealing ring, dust ring, steel ball, etc., these components are mainly due to damage in the use of friction, long after the aging damage, the emergence of these failures can replace the new parts can be resolved. Cylinder failure: the cylinder in the operation of the van also has a very important role, it can achieve the purpose of lifting up and down, so when the fork can not be normal up and down, most of the cylinder is faulty, the cause of the failure we analyze, The use of partial load or overload caused by the rust of the piston rod smooth movement; nut and hex nut position is not correct. To solve these problems should be considered as appropriate to replace the cylinder or piston rod, adjust the nut position.

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