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Forklift spill has been plagued customers use the most common problem
2015-02-09 by xiugai
Forklift spill has been plagued customers use the most common problem, whether it is internal combustion forklifts, electric cars and electric forklift trucks self propelled pallet jack, or hand truck, manual Stacker there leakage problem, the problem seems to be an oil spill unable to solve the problem for a long time, has been plagued by businesses and customers, but today we have to analyze those places easily spill, how will the oil spill, how to deal Counter-balance Stacker with.
First, the internal leakage electric order picker:
Common causes forklift lifting cylinders can not afford or lifting forks and mast itself fell forward on their own fault. The reason endoleak and exclusion method:
(1) the gap between the stem and the body wear too much
Because long-term use or distribution valve dirty oil accelerated the stem and the body, such as wear and tear, damage the mating sealing surface, resulting in oil spills. If the valve stem when repairing wear light, polished chrome stem can; if the stem badly worn, replace
(2) leakage between the body
Seals fail, resulting in the leakage; valve performance when installing the O-ring damage or aging or damaged in the hydraulic effect, but also prone to internal leakage between the valve body.
If you need to be polished valve damage, replace the O-ring, according to the order and tighten the bolt torque requirements.
(3) safety valve spring failure
If the valve spring failure, hydraulic oil under pressure below the system requirements can be forced to leave the ball spill valve inflow tract, causing internal leakage, the system failure.
Management must be replaced when the spring, and then use the adjustment screw to adjust the spring pressure to 14 Mpa regulations. Demand at 600mm load center distance adjustment 7.5t load cargo, when goods like starting with a non-locking nut up lock, then the pressure is, the need to adjust the pressure.
(4) multi-valve lever can not be reset
If the stem can not be reset, the trench with the oil of Taoism, will produce internal leakage.
First, because the return spring stem deformation or liftstar Electric lift damage, reduce spring force without giving the stem back in place, replace the spring repairs;
Second, between the body and the stem dirty, have a greater resistance to stem reduction difficult, to be clean when repairing the internal multi-valve, eliminating resistance.
(5) cone valve wear
Poppet valve to prevent reverse flow. If the cone valve wear, oil off Mission Road lax, then make hydraulic return, the system failure. When the repair response it into the ground or replaced.

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