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electric order picker for your productivity 2017-09-15

The electric order picker is designed to reduce operator strain while increasing productivity during repeated stock picking or order picking operations. This unit works well as a narrow isle order picker. This electric order picker features powered lift and lower of the operator platform with a maximum raised height.

to choose a electric order picker for you 2017-08-31

The electric order picker to provide quiet, easy operation and abundant function, all of which are focused on to ensure that the operator can achieve faster and more accurate order choice, regardless of the order selector. The lower order selector, the first and second level, provides the selection of the lift platform, and includes the scissors lifting option. They are ideal for high-volume warehouses that require horizontal transportation over long distances. The intermediate and advanced order selector is designed for a level 2 and 3 picking up to 4.8 m. They include a fixed fork, a stationary cabin platform for walking or a cage with a safety fence and cage protection.

The electric order picker in a highly compact 2017-08-16

The electric order picker delivers the performance of an industrial order picker in a highly compact, maneuverable and capable machine. It with hydraulic fixed lift table well suited for a wide array of inventory management and fulfillment tasks, this vehicle has been purpose developed to maximize productivity while minimizing operating cost in retail, warehousing and distribution applications.

Electric order picker​ FOR a high level solution 2017-08-02

Liftstar's electric order picker offers a high level solution to go right to your product and pick what you need. With the ability to self diagnose, the order picker is easy to maintain and uniquely customized for your specific narrow aisle warehouse or distribution center application. 

Electric order picker in repeated picking applications 2017-07-14

We are offering our clients electric order picker with a electric lift tables. These remarkable quality products are known for incredible ability to reduce strain and increase safety and productivity in repeated picking applications. Further our products are equipped with a battery and smart charger. These hand pushed unit are easy to maneuver.

The electric order picker is that tool 2017-07-07

In its simplest form an electric order picker is a platform that can elevate a worker so he/she has easy access to the item to be "picked" from a rack. In addition the order picker typically has a shelf or space that the item can be placed while the employee lowers the platform. Pretty basic.However, order picking means different things to different businesses. High volume big box stores need an order filled faster than say a small machine shop that rebuilds engines. What is picked can also vary greatly. The retail shop may be pulling a boxed grill weighing 50 pounds stored on a rack that is 300" high while the machine shop may need a 400 pound engine head stored 60" off the ground. Different requirements means economic pallet jacks need different capabilities and the materials handling industry has answered that need in spades.