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Capacity: 1400kg
Fork size: (200~755)*1070mm
Lifting height: 3500~5500mm
Reach distance: 0~600mm
EPS: Standard Equipped
Battery: 24V 345Ah industry
Control system: Curtis
  • Description
    Liftstar walkie reach stacker WRS85 stands itself out in manufacturing and warehousing applications where space utilization need be considered and load widths vary. The walkie reach stacker is a combination of straddle stacker with the maneuverability advantages and counterbalanced stacker with application flexibility.
    Featuring pantograph reach mechanism, high performance AC motor and Liftstar-designed EPS sytem, the powered stacker excels in delivering the most efficient load handling and positioning.
    Compact body and 3 points standing design that enhance maneuverability in confined spaces and congested areas.
    Double controller can realtime protect the vehicle control system from circuit overvoltage, under voltage, over current, excess temperature and short circuit.
    Timing delay control system offers smoothly movment of Mast Reaching and Fork lifting/Lowering.
    No need lever, one hand can reach Driving, Lifting, Reaching button.
  • Advantages

    WRS85-14 - CAP. 1400Kgs electric pantograph reach stacker

    Liftstar WRS85-14 is comfortable and high secure electric pantogragh reach stacker with 1400kg loading capacity, they provide an effienct solution for tight work areas. Standard equipped with 280ah lead-acid battery, Electric Power Steering System and AC driving system. WRS85-14 will be your best choice to save your space and cost and will bring high return on investment.

  • Specification
    Model Unit WRS85-14
    Capacity kg 1400
    Load center mm 600
    EPS electric power steering
    Reach distance mm 0-600
    Fork tilting degree(forward/backward) 4/3
    Fork length mm 1070
    Fork width mm 100
    Min.turning radius mm 1566
    Travel speed km/h 3.5landen/4unladen
    Lift speed mm/s 130laden/230unladen
    Battery Ah 345Ah industry battery
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