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Capacity: 1300kg
Fork size: Adjustable
Lifting height: 3000~5000mm
Reach distance: 430mm
EPS: Standard Equipped
Battery: 24V 280Ah industry
Control system: Curtis 1230
  • Description
    WRS81-13 - CAP. 1,300KGS AC & EPS Reach Stacker

    Liftstar WRS81-13 are comfortable and high secure heavy-duty electric reach stackers with 1300KGS loading capacity, equipped with 280AH lead-acid battery. If you don’t have to handle double deep racking, Liftstar WRS81-13 bring high return on investment.

  • Advantages

    Liftstar Electric Reach Stackers deliver all these advantages to you:

    1. Liftstar WRS81-13 is an competitive and cost-effective products, which will help you to save your cost, maximize your storage space and improve work efficiency. Compared with the normal counter balance stackers, Liftstar reach stackers allow you to use in the narrow space and stack more products.

    2. Thanks to Liftstar’s such ergonomics design, operators can find that Liftstar Stackers easy and comfortable to use with EPS steering and a compact body and floating design that enhance maneuverability in confined spaces and congested areas.

    3. Liftstar Electric Reach Stackers are even more efficient compared to I.C forklift trucks, helping you avoid expensive engine, valve and transmission repairs. Customers have saved up to 50 percent on maintenance cost compared to I.C forklift trucks. Additionally, fuel costs, soot emission, pollutants and engine noise are eliminated.

  • Specification

    Model Unit WRS81-13
    Capacity kg 1300
    Load center mm 500
    EPS electric power steering
    Reach distance mm 430
    Fork tilting degree(forward/backward) 3/5
    Fork length mm 1070
    Fork width mm 100
    Min.turning radius mm 1600(2000)
    Travel speed km/h 5landen/unladen
    Lift speed m/s 0.13laden/0.23unladen
    Battery Ah 280Ah industry battery
    Control system CURTIS 1230

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