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BXP Series

Battery Scissor Lift Table

Capacity: 300/350/500/1000kg
Lowest height: 315/380/390/500mm
Max.height: 900/1000/1300/1700mm
Table dimensions: 820*500mm; 1200*610mm; 905*512mm
Type: Single scissors/ Dual scissors
  • Description
    The capacity range of these models is from 300kg to 1000kg;
    the range of platform dimensions is from 500mm W x820mm L to 610mm W x1630mm L;
    the range of Max.lifting height is from 740mm to 1320mm.
    These models are perfect for loading, lifting and transporting medium or heavy materials.
    Some models with D feature double scissor, which increases the lifting height up to 1320mm achieves the high positioning operation precisely.
    Foot-operated hydraulic pump and electric control system are featured in some models, and achieve efficient and safe operation for workers.
    Ergonomic design including anti-skid handle and sharp are more suitable for workers to use.
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