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Capacity: 1000kg
Fork size: 550/600/650/685*1150(1220)mm
Lifting height: 1600/1950mm
Mast type: Mono
Battery: (12V/85Ah)*2
  • Description

    WS08-10 Cap.1000KGS Mono Mast Electric Stacker

    WS08-10 is the light-duty economic electric stacker, equipped with DC driving system and electromagnetic brake. Without electric power steering system but longer handle design, still very easy to operate.
  • Advantages
    1. Stong H profile mast, stronger mast make lifting to be safe and fluent with more capacity; 2. Steel cover: one piece steel cover, which reduce the cover damage greatly;
    3. One piece fork: with 8mm to 10mm thickness. Liftstar proudly declare that there are no possibility of deformation under high frequency using;
    4. Two pieces dismountable handle tube, made from high quality mold, which make assembly and dismantle of handle tube to be much easier;
    5. Driving controller: Curtis 1243 controller can be programmed by Curtis Hand Set easily;
    6. Longer handle design: very light and easy turning design which is very comfortable.
  • Specification
    Model WS07-10 WS08-10
    Mast Duplex Mono
    Capacity kg 1000 1000
    Load center mm 600 600
    Lifting height mm 2000/2500/3000/3300 1600/1950
    Fork length mm 1150(1220) 1150(1220)
    Fork width mm 185 185
    Out width of th fork mm 550/600/650/685 550/600/650/685
    Travel speed km/h 3laden/3.5unladen 3laden/3.5unladen
    Lift speed mm/s 70mm/s(laden/unladen) 70m/s(laden/unladen)
    Battery V/Ah 12V/85Ah*2 12V/85Ah*2
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