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Capacity: 1000kg
Fork size: 560*1150mm
Lifting height: 1600/2000/2500/3000/3300mm
Battery: (12V/ 75/120Ah) *2
  • Description
  • Advantages
    WS10S-16/20/25/30/33 CAP. 1,000KGS Light duty fork over stacker
    1.Price is so low that procurement cost is greatly reduced.
    2.Labor-saving: less labor required because of high transportation efficiency.
    3.Operation simplified:less effort and high returns can be achieved by our products.
    4.Mounted Forklift profile steel mast,different with Manual&Semi WS10S series mast are much stronger and straight when full loading.
    5.Liftstar special design supporting leg ensure leg Non-deformation for years operation.
    6.Driving controller:Curtis 1212 controller and can be regulated by Curtis Hand set easily.
    7.Longer handle design:Very light and easy turning design which is very comfortable.
    8.Low profile mast design:Lower height of mast is less than 2000mm/78inch suitable for most of doors.
  • Specification
    Vehicle Type Light duty fork over stacker
    Capacity 1400KGS@ 600mm load center
    Power 140A PG I drive controller
    Max. Lift Height Masts available up to 3300mm
    Collapsed Height 1995mm (Standard 3m lifting height)
    Fork Dimensions 540mm W x 1150mm L standard
    Vehicle Dimensions 560 W x 1150mm L
    Turning Radius ≤1500mm
    Travel Speed Programmable with optional handset
    (0-2.5km/h laden, 0-3km/h unladen)
    Lift Speed Programmable with optional handset
    (0-70mm/s unladen, 0-70mm/s laden)
    Battery Compartment (269*169*215)*2mm
    Battery Capacity (12V/ 75/120Ah) *2
    Charger Intelligent charger
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