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Capacity: 1000kg
Fork size: 560*1150mm
Lifting height: 1600mm
Mast type: Mono
Battery: 12V/80Ah*2
  • Description
  • Advantages

    WS10S-16M Cap.1000KGS Mono Mast Electric Stacker

    1.Price is so low that procurement cost is greatly reduced.
    2.Labor-saving: less labor required because of high transportation efficiency.
    3.Operation simplified:less effort and high returns can be achieved by our products.
    4.Mounted Forklift profile steel mast,different with Manual&Semi WS10S series mast are much stronger and straight when full loading.
    5.Liftstar special design supporting leg ensure leg Non-deformation for years operation.
    6.Driving controller:Curtis 1212 controller and can be regulated by Curtis Hand set easily.
    7.Longer handle design:Very light and easy turning design which is very comfortable.
    8.Low profile mast design:Lower height of mast is less than 2000mm/78.5inch suitable for most of doors.

  • Specification
    Model WS10S-16/20/25/30/33 WS10SSS-16/20/25/30/33
    Capacity kg 1000 1000
    Load center mm 600 600
    Lifting height mm 1600 1600
    Fork length mm 1150 1070
    Fork width mm 160 100
    Out width of th fork mm 560 Adjustable Max.787mm
    Travel speed km/h 2.5laden/3unladen 2.5laden/3unladen
    Lift speed mm/s 70mm/s(laden/unladen) 70mm/s(laden/unladen)
    Battery V/Ah 12V/80Ah*2 12V/80Ah*2
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