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Capacity: 1200kg
Fork size: 685*1150mm
Lifting height: 2500~4000mm
Mast type: Duplex
EPS: Standard Equipped
Battery: 24V 210Ah industry
Control system: Curtis 1230/200A
  • Description
    WS03-12 - CAP. 1,200KGS Duplex Mast Fork over Stacker

    WS03-12 is a comfortable and high secure fork-over electric stacker, capacity 1,200KGS, maximum lifting height 4m, equipped with Liftstar-Made EPS and AC drive system.

    WS03-12 is standard equipped with 210Ah lead-acid battery, 3 different lowering speed, slow-medium-fast suitable for different situations. Chassis design life over 10 years. Injection mold cover, Stellana Brand Wheels offer best quality. Liftstar-made EPS and Curtis controllers can real-time protect the vehicle control from circuit overvoltage, under voltage, over current, excess temperature, short circuit. Double controllers can safely reduce the traveling speed under the condition of mast lifting and sharp turn in the corner. The lifting Limit function can protect hydraulic motor, save energy and battery. Self-made handle can be modified for cold store application.

    If you are looking for products to loading-unloading, or ordinary pallet stacking such light duty working condition, WS03-12 will be your choice.

  • Advantages
    1. 200A Curtis transistor controller

    2. High performance AC driving Motor

    3. Liftstar EPS controller

    4. EPS system as standard, low energy consumption, low noise

    5. Electromagnetic brake

    6. Floating system with double spring and reinforcing traction cylinder

    7. Automatic-Speed limited control when lifting

    8. Cold-drawn steel mast profile

    9. Equipped lifting limitation switch

    10. Automatic slow down technology for corner sharp turn

    11. Ergonomic Self-made handle with safety reversing switch and horn

    12. 210Ah industrial battery

    13. Battery discharge indicator with hour meter

    14. Key switch to limit access to approved personnel

    15. Intelligent battery charger

  • Specification
    Model Unit WS03-12
    Mast type Duplex
    Capacity kg 1200
    Load center mm 600
    EPS(electric power steering) standard equipped
    Optional lifting height mm 2500/3000/3300/3500/4000
    Fork length mm 1150
    Fork width mm 685
    Min.turning radius mm 1525
    Min.travel speed km/s 3laden/3.5unladen
    Min. lifting speed mm/s 130laden/230unladen
    Battery battery Ah 210Ah
    Control system CURTIS1230/200A
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